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Are you asking yourself these questions…”Should I hire a wedding planner?”…”Am I capable of planning my own wedding?”…”How can I save money?”

Actually, the questions are, “Can you afford not to hire a wedding planner?”…”Do you want the stress of planning on your big day?”…”Do you really know how much money you can save?”

Most couples today, have careers and family to focus on and don’t have the time to plan their wedding, not to mention the stress and time that goes into planning one. Does that mean you shouldn’t experience the joy of exchanging vows? No, all you have to do is hire a wedding planner, like me, to take care of all the details. Most couples assume wedding planners charge enormous fees, but that’s not true. Hiring a planner can be within your budget and I may be able to save you more money than if you planned a wedding on your own.

A planner can also negotiate vendor costs on behalf of the couple for the services needed for the wedding day, in turn saving an abundance of money for the couple. The planner will help you organize your dream wedding and keep you within your budget by suggesting ways to make your dollar go the farthest. Since your wedding planner is an independent party, he or she, may often mediate disagreements when you are caught between family disputes and friendly disagreements.

Of course, you have the choice to plan the entire wedding yourself or have a family member and even a friend to help, which is sometimes part of the fun of the wedding. However, it can also be a huge hassle and a headache especially if you, your family member, or friend does not have the proper professional wedding training that most professional wedding planners have and experienced. In addition to just finding wedding vendors, you’ll need to check out sources, make sure all the details are in place, and worry about whether you’re getting the best deal, and, ultimately, if everything will turn out right. A professional wedding planner has the training and experience to do the ground work, and make sure it all works the way you want it to, while you relax and enjoy, leave the planning to the experts.

It is important to realize that a poorly organized wedding can be embarrassing and tacky and will be visible for all your closest friends and family to see. So, there’s no point in “trying to pull it off” to see if you can plan something on your own. It’s arguably the most important day in your whole life, and it’s better to get it done right. Planning should be a happy and exciting affair for a couple to experience.

Before hiring someone, ask if you can see pictures of past weddings that they have organized. Also ask about payment methods they accept and what percentage of the total cost they will charge as their fee. Let your consultant know your budget from the very beginning. No marriage should start off with a mounting debt, so emphasis on sticking to the budget is important. Avoid the added stress and start from the beginning in the right direction by hiring a Wedding Planner.

Soiree Key West is a full-service wedding company that specializes in helping couples and family members from all over the world enjoy their wedding day by taking care of all the coordinating details. We also offer day-of coordination for those brides that want to handle all of the planning themselves, but would like assistance with coordinating everything on the day of the event only. We will work with any budget!

Whether you are looking to have an intimate wedding with your closest friends and family or an extravagant event you thought only Cinderella could have, Soiree Key West will cater to your every need. We know how important this day is for you and it is our job and our goal to ensure every detail is exactly what you want and how you want it to happen. With our detailed and caring attention to quality, originality, we promise that your wedding celebration or event will be unique and memorable. Exclusively tailored to please you and your guests, there is no better place than Key West to make your dreams come true.

Our team has planned and performed over 500 weddings in South Florida. Our clients will get personalized attention for their wedding plans. We will work with you to ensure your destination wedding lives up to your dreams.

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July 29, 2009

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