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Wedding Place Cards Vs Escort Cards – Understanding the Difference

What makes weddings sensational? The food, décor, entertainment and venue are all important factors worth considering. But remember it’s the little wedding detailing that truly wins the hearts of many across the globe. And that’s exactly where stationary for the big day comes into play. 

You may have come across the terms wedding place cards and escort cards. And they’re most probably used interchangeably on the majority of all occasions. However, do they mean the same thing? If not, then what’s the real difference?

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In this article, we’re not only outlining the basic difference but giving you all the right kind of wedding stationary inspiration that will make guests cherish your wedding planning for the big day even more. So let’s take a look!

What do the term wedding place cards actually mean?

Wedding place cards are truly an integral part of all weddings, especially when it comes to the stationary component. While both these type of cards inform guests about their designated seat at the wedding reception they’re attending, it’s the placement cards that tend to be a bit more specific, and of course formal too. 

Wedding place cards don’t solely go on directing the attendees to a table where each and every one of the guests will be sitting at the reception; they also go on pointing out their specific seat that has been reserved only for them at the table. 

Understanding more about wedding escort cards

Now that we’ve covered wedding place cards, it’s important to realize what exactly wedding escort cards are. When it comes to escort cards for the big event, we’d like to term this counterpart as the sibling with the more casual or informal tone. These cards manage to direct your guests to the designated table where they’ll be seated, but not exactly which seat they’ll be seated. 

Once the attendees or guests reach their specific table, the placement cards will guide them to their designated seat. And in case of the scenario where no placement cards are put, the guests have the freedom to select their own seating arrangements on that very table. On most occasions, the guests invited will usually have both the escort as well as the placement cards, but skipping out on the placement cards and opting for the escort cards only is absolutely fine. But this is only if you desire to allow your guests to have the liberty to reach their table and seat themselves with their own free will. 

Should you really be bothered about either of these cards on your big day?

There’s always a theoretical possibility of opting to choose out of a seating plan altogether and by that we mean eliminating all the wedding escort and place cards in the first place. By the real question is whether or not that is recommended. And to be honest, it’s generally not a good idea. 

The main reason being is that you are most likely to be needing a whole lot more tables than originally planned as your wedding guests tend to be seated by themselves, that too in an unordered and uneven fashion. There’s no guidance being given by the hosts, whatsoever. This also means people are most likely to spread out as well as leave a whole array of empty seats at almost all of the tables. 

Don’t forget that requiring more tables doesn’t come cheap. Let’s remember the chairs, centerpieces and linens too as additional costs being added to an already overwhelming budget. Did we mention that unappealing look being granted to your wedding photos? A Big NO if you ask us!

Wedding escort card inspiration that’s destined to be loved by all

Escort cards are the best way to lead guests to their seating tables and as a host; you’ve got plenty of options to choose from with us at Soiree Key West. From calligraphed masterpieces to classic, redefined glory at its best- here are some great inspirational ideas to choose from. Don’t forget to get in touch with us at for the best in wedding stationary and invitations. 

Calligraphed cloches are a true vintage affair

Perfect for those wishing to add a true hint of vintage glory to their event, these calligraphed cloches are a beauty worth witnessing by all. 

Romantic vibes in the air

Love is in the air and escort cards should be no exception. Express the notion to its fullest by placing guests’ names on Xs and Os in the form of intricately designed wooden cards. 

Hanging bells are glorious editions

Great for winter weddings, allow guests to cherish their names being placed on bells or glass ornaments hanging from the ceiling as a means of being guided to their respective tables. 


January 30, 2019